Japan 1-0 Cameroon

I am running out of ways to describe poor games of football, featuring teams defending quite well against other teams that fall over their knees in the final third. Because I am blaming Paul Le Guen for this, for choosing to play Samuel Eto’o down the right wing for the entire game and not playing Alex Song at all, instead of a conventional match report I am going to post some unpleasant stuff people on the internet have said about PLG in the past.

All of the below comes from supporters of Glasgow Rangers on PLG’s time there.

“He takes over in the summer, on a three-year contract. I’m very, very positive about this. We’ve captured an ambitious, European-pedigree manager with an excellent record and CL experience.”

“Special mention must go to Paul Le Guen, who has managed to become the Ranger’s worst ever manager in less than four months.”

“His Lyon team were incredible, but you slowly began to realise it’s maybe because they’ve got some of the most OMGWTFLOL incredible youngsters coming through year on year. Le Guen was an idiot. He might be a decent manager, but he wasn’t suitable for Scottish football at all. We did well in European matches with him, funnily enough. But domestic football is your bread and butter. We were like 87 points behind Celtic after Christmas.”

“Paul Le Guen is rubbish.”

“This bloke couldn’t manage a piss without missing the pan.”

“We’ve got this new French manager, PLG. Here you go, PLG. Here is a fucking shitload of cash. The amounts that McLeish could only ever dream about. What’s that? £3million for Filip Sebo? Absolutely. Here, fucking take it. Oh… wait a minute. Oh… you’ve actually set us back 5 footballing years. Oh… thanks for that.”

“PLG was a disaster for Rangers. You fucking know it.”

“I don’t follow French football, so I don’t know how good Paul Le Guen is supposed to be, but after 4 months of seeing him at Rangers, I know for sure that the guy hasn’t a fucking scoob about Scottish football. He off-loaded Ross McCormack without even looking at him, he brought in defenders ill-equipped for SPL rough and tumble, and he signed Filip Sebo. Paul Le Guen was never a good choice for Rangers manager in hindsight. It was patently obvious that he never did his homework. When he did fuck off, it’s not even like we were looking anything like turning a corner. Results were getting worse and worse.”

“The impression he gave on the tele was of an individual who was weird and goofy and definitely not a top shelf intellect.”

“I was spunking blood out my ears and eyes when Le Guen was shambling us up.”

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