Hello world!

So, we’re off and running. Welcome to Nathan’s World Cup! Have a look at the About page to see what this is all, um, About.

The tournament itself may not start until next Friday, 11 June, but there’s plenty to cover in the run up to kickoff, with today the deadline for final squad announcements. Capello will be naming his final 23 in the next few hours and I’ll be all over it like a man with nothing but time on his hands.

While this blog will naturally be focused on England first and foremost, I intend to give as much coverage as possible to the other teams involved, and promise to shy away from the knotted hanky, string vest, Brits abroad bias that the tabs inevitably fall back on as soon as the going gets tough, i.e. we play Germany or Argentina.

For this blog to be a worthwhile exercise I really need readers to get involved. Get in touch with comments on the blog, on Twitter @nathan_brown, on facebook if we’re friends there, by text if you have my number. Hell, give me a call or ring the doorbell if you’re so minded. Just get in touch. I find desperate pleas for reader involvement a bit cloying at the best of times but you guys are my friends and you’re all dead insightful and funny and stuff. So please get in touch.

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6 Responses to Hello world!

  1. cale says:

    A grand idea. I shall be glued to this. It will be the go to place for comment on the World Cup for me. Allez les bleus. Kind of.

  2. Chris says:

    Bookmarked. Will be watching this like the polar opposite to Arsene Wenger.

  3. Bairdy says:

    I’ll read your blog, but I’m not gonna comment on it.

  4. Andy says:

    Oh man, I’ve been looking for a WC blog that features a man blowing a red horn. How did you know?

  5. Bri Fielding says:

    good work nathan, spot on about Huddleston (Steve knew a girl who was a friend of a friend who went out with him about 9 years ago) would like to sponsor your site with 40 pints of “briweiser” which i have brewed and will be ready a week today, and also with fieldingtreeservices.co.uk, and i have a 10 week old daughter who is a quater Ghanain (could meet them knock out stages) so any focus on them (no Essien! – dirty chel… sorry) would be great

    • Nathan says:

      Ha, cheers Brian. Sorry for the late reply but I’ve spent the last few days coming to terms with the fact that it’s been so long since I’ve seen you that you’ve not only conceived a child but taken delivery of one too. Congrats to you both. I will indeed do stuff on Ghana for you.

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